Simple Ways to Add Healthy Choices to a Busy Schedule

Simple Ways to Add Healthy Choices to a Busy Schedule

Stress can make it difficult to make healthy choices. As demands for our time increase, the actions necessary to protect our health become harder to take. If you feel that it's impossible to squeeze in time to make changes that improve your health, gradually implement these lifestyle adjustments from Nate Tucker to get on the road to a longer and healthier life.

A Healthy and Active Mindset

The body follows the mind, so feed your mind accurate and inspiring messages. You can find tips by reading and following influencers, celebrities, and fitness personalities you admire, but investigate whether their claims and methods are backed by proven science. Be wary of people pushing miracle products and promising dramatic results.

Take 15 minutes to set realistic goals for yourself. While people often think about weight loss for health, determine other accomplishments you would be proud to achieve. For instance, aim to maintain a consistent schedule for three months. See if you can increase the amount you can lift or the distance you can run. Motivate yourself by practicing daily visualization of the results. A vision board can be a fun tool to keep your objectives in front of you.

Keep health top of mind by adopting practices that fit into a busy workday. Park a little further from the office to get in more steps. Opt for the stairs over the elevator. If your office is in a walkable area, a brisk 10-minute walk during a break gets you a third of the recommended 30 minutes of moderate daily exercise. Also, standing meetings can have physical and psychological benefits, where blood flow stimulates fresh thinking.

Work to Reduce Stress on Your Eyes

Enduring prolonged periods of stress can adversely affect your health. Many people begin to experience acute effects on their eyes and vision. These effects can even be exacerbated by staring at a computer screen for too long, so try to find ways to reduce or break up the amount of screen time you have. Even minor tweaks like using keyboard shortcuts and scheduling apps can make a difference. Having software that can automate processes and reduce your need to spend time looking at a screen can help mitigate your feelings of stress and the effects of stress on your eyes.

Apps to Meal Plan

Inexpensive, creative and tasty meals require a change to your shopping and cooking routine. Tracking calories is essential but can become tedious quickly. Apps provide an easier way to track and often supply inspiring messages and deals on favorites.

Sleep Schedule

Your metabolism and energy level are greatly affected by sleep. Instead of just setting an hour to go to bed, decide on a shutdown routine to bring your mind and body to peace so you get adequate rest. Attention to sleep hygiene helps you recharge properly.

If you work odd hours, create a completely dark space. Studies show that even a little light can disrupt your metabolism. You may need to play white noise or invest in noise-canceling earbuds to make a peaceful atmosphere.

Choose the Right Health Insurance

Having health insurance is important for maintaining your well-being in a number of ways. Having health insurance means that you have access to preventive care, which can help you avoid serious health problems down the road. It also gives you peace of mind in knowing that should you experience a medical emergency, you will be covered. Also, having health insurance can help you manage chronic conditions and get the treatment you need to maintain your health.

Fortunately, if you’re not getting health insurance through your job, you still have options. You can apply for Medicaid or join your spouse’s plan. If you’re self-employed, the Freelancers Union offers affordable plans as well.

Hit the Gym

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, or build endurance, regular exercise can help you achieve it. Exercise can even help protect your eyes by lowering your blood pressure. And if you’d prefer to work out from home, virtual training sessions are available so you don’t have to brave adverse weather conditions.

More Water

Water is the foundation of a good diet and can even keep you from overeating. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning to start the day right. Your water intake does not have to be plain tap. Sparkling water lovers have an endless variety of flavors. A fruit infuser can jazz up your drinking water. Also, tea and coffee count toward your water intake, so find bold and exotic flavors that don't require sweeteners.

You're only given one body, so you have to take care of it to get the most out of life. You can win the battle for good health by taking steps like walking more often, prioritizing sleep, and finding the right health insurance.

Article by Candace Sigmon

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