Volunteering with Junior Achievement

Volunteering with Junior Achievement of the Ocoee Region has been an absolute blessing. While we engage in so many activities to facilitate classroom time, the actual classroom time with the students has been my favorite part so far. This year, I was able to visit both Ocoee Middle and Cleveland Middle schools and present on JA ECONOMICS FOR SUCCESS® and JA IT'S MY FUTURE® respectively. The students at both schools were engaged and I left thinking--these kids will make it happen.

Changing The Lives of Young People

Junior Achievement’s mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed. The inspiration piece comes from community volunteers who not only deliver our lessons, but share their experience. In the process, these volunteers serve as role models helping to positively impact young people’s perceptions about the importance of education, as well as critical life skills. Preparation involves our proven lessons that promote financial capability, work and career readiness, and business ownership. See how JA impacted the life of Jakayla by watching the video.

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